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How It Works

Hot Sauce Subscription Gifts

hot made with chile peppers

We Taste Test Thousands of Sauces

We have a team of taste-testers on staff who scour the country for hot sauces. They go to different competitions and festivals, testing & find our favorites! The winners are the ones we list here on our website


Choose a Hot Sauce Gift Set

You come to our site, eager for a new spicy flavor. You choose the hot sauce gift set you want and we'll send them straight out so that your mouth is always happy. Every month!

Things to Know

One of the best parts about our company is that we offer a wide selection of sauces. You can get as creative or basic with your order, whichever suits you! And our shipping is included in the pricing.

chips and salsa with chile peppers

More Things to Know

Cancel at anytime! You can also skip a month if you haven't had enough time to go through your currently sauces.

hot sauce drizzle

Ready to get saucy?

We offer both hot sauce subscriptions and hot sauce gift boxes. The hot sauce subscriptions are perfect for any hot sauce lover that wants to try new hot sauces on a monthly basis. While out hot sauce gift boxes are the perfect one time gift for someone to try out some new spicy sauce!

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